Review: Jasmine

Jasmine by developer Jason Morrissey is a Youtube client for iOS. What made Jasmine catch my eye is how polished and clean the app looks. Upon first opening the app, you are greeted with a very clean looking Youtube interface. The interface is is similar and functions just like the iOS native settings app. There are multiple menu options to choose from including “Search”, Browse”, “Favorites”, and “Subscriptions.”

Tapping subscriptions will show a list of all your subscriptions along with another option to view a feed of new videos drawn from your subscriptions. Pressing “Browse” brings you to a menu similar to the home interface and allows you to select from multiple options that are provided by Youtube.

To me, what makes up the difference between Google’s stock Youtube app and Jasmine are two reasons. The interface and functionality of Jasmine provides much more to the table than the stock app can offer.

First, an explanation on why the Jasmine interface is so great. The Jasmine interface is so easy to use because there is no need for any complex swipes or fancy gestures which makes it faster to get where you want than the stock Youtube app. In addition to being easy to use, the interface is very clean looking. An all white interface contrasted by black icons and complemented with smooth animations when preforming actions, all contribute to a great user experience.

Jasmine not only looks good, but also provides much needed functionality that Google’s Youtube app lacks. Here are a few features that Jasmine has that make it a high quality app.

  1. Playing audio from Jasmine in the background
  2. No advertisements
  3. An option to just simply view a feed of all the new videos from your subscriptions
  4. Due to the all white interface, the developer has addressed the concern of it being to harsh on the eyes in low-light conditions and has added a night theme which creates a black and blue theme that is much softer on the eyes
  5. Customizable appearance setting
  6. Ability to choose video quality

Based on Jasmine’s superb quality and functionality I would use it over Google’s Youtube app.

Oh. Did I forget to mention it’s free?

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