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Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 7.13.28 PMAfter the death of Google Reader, RSS readers started popping up all over the web to claim the spot as the next RSS king. After reading numerous articles on Feedly and trying it out, I started using it as my go-to RSS reader. I just had one problem with it. Many articles came with cluttered websites that took long times to load. I created a makeshift solution to this problem by opening up my article, sending it to Readability via Readability’s chrome extension, inputting my Readability account RSS feed into Feedly, and then reading my article in Readability’s clean format. Obviously, this was method was too cumbersome to keep using. Luckily, I found Reeder and it had the perfect solution to my problem.

Reeder is an RSS reader client which displays articles from other RSS readers. For instance, Reeder let’s the user plug in accounts such as Feedly, Feedbin and Readability into the app.

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Once you navigate into your account, you are sent to layout breaking your articles down into their respective categories. From each category, articles are broken down into the sites they are from. Articles can be displayed or hidden if they are starred, or read.



I love Reeder so much because of it’s ability to maintain an easy to use interface while still having power-features that make reading articles such a breeze. One of these power-features that I particularly enjoy is Reeder’s use of Readability.  A tap on the Readability icon located at the top of an article switches from the article’s RSS preview to a minimalistic Readability view. This feature saves loads of effort for me. Loading up Readability is a lot faster than loading up a full webpage and the result is the ability to read through articles a great deal faster. The Readability function is also available when you are browsing a webpage linked from one of your articles.

To add to the smooth environment of Reeder is its caching feature. Reeder caches the RSS previews of articles which makes flicking through articles and getting a glance at their content a very fast process. IMG_0367

In regards to functionality, Reeder never seems to fail. Touching the share button will ensure that your article gets to the service you need it to be at. It seems every possible online service is covered.



Clicking on an image reveals the same result with a slew of options.The image is then shown on a black background and can be manipulated by zooming in and out.



Reeder has now become my default app for reading the news. Its ability to make articles easier to read is unparalleled by any website or app. The developer of Reeder has spent an incredible amount on perfecting the app. Meticulous details can be spotted all throughout the app  attesting to the quality of Reeder. Even with its fantastic design and aesthetics Reeder manages to pack an incredible amount of features that I have yet to seen be matched by any other app.

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