The Art of Weather

Weather apps are great. They tell you the weather in an easy way instead of having to navigate through a clunky yahoo weather webpage and enter your zip code and location. I have chosen two awesome weather apps that I have found to review. Morning Rain and Solar.

Starting off with Morning Rain, when you first open the app you are greeted with a very simplistic display. At the top is the location being viewed along with the time and weather underneath. To the right is a small settings icon which offers a range of customizability including changing the background image and adding locations. In the very center is a large weather icon displaying the temperature and weather. At the very bottom is a 5-day weather forecast showing the highs and lows for the week. Between the huge weather icon and the forecast is a small little three-lined gripper icon.

Tapping it shows the hour-by-hour forecast with humidity levels. Morning Rain is a very clean looking application, but there are a few small things that it could improve on. I feel that the weather icon in the center of the application is inconsistent in line width, making some icons seems larger
and more off scale than others. Furthermore, most of the backgrounds offered in the app have poor contrast with the white text of the app which brings up the need for the ability to change text color.

Next up is Solar. At first, solar doesn’t seem like much, but after playing around with it for a little it, there are lots of tiny details that make Solar a great experience. The weather in Solar is displayed in an interesting fashion. Instead of employing the use of an icon to show the temperature or weather, the color of the background is used to show the warmth or coldness of the temperature and weather.

A very intriguing feature is the ability to swipe up on the screen and seemingly fast-forward through time to see the weather in the future. Doing so brings up an on display clock along with changing the background color according to the future weather. Swiping down reveals a 3-day future forecast with highs and lows. I feel Solar’s main goal is to convey the weather in as much as a minimalistic fashion as possible. Simply tapping on the screen will remove all the on screen text and will only show the color background. I feel that Solar has captured the best way to get simple information regarding the weather at a glance with it’s adaptive background. Although Solar may not be the right choice for gathering detailed information about the forecast, Solar is a very clean and beautiful app nonetheless.

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